Eugene’s Easter Adventure….



One Easter holiday John the Assistant Premises Manager at the School agreed to look after Eugene the tortoise for two weeks while the school was closed so he would not be lonely. This was a new experience for Eugene as he had never been to John’s house before.  So on Sunday morning his house was gathered up and put in the car and off he went on his Easter adventure.

When he arrived at John’s house, Eugene found that a very nice spot near the fire in the front room was all ready for him and that’s when he met Lesley (John’s wife).

Eugene found it all a bit exhausting going on vacation so after a quick drink and some food he took himself off to bed for a snooze. ZZZZZZZ

Later that night Eugene woke up in the dark and heard a voice calling out ‘Hello over there’

‘Who’s that?’ Eugene called back.

‘My name is Jenny and I’m a giant African land snail and my little friends here are Mildred and Zebedee, we all live over here in our glass house are you hungry at all as we have lots of lovely lettuce and cucumber if you want to share a midnight feast with us?’  So Eugene checked no one was watching and climbed out of his house and hurried over to the big glass snail house.

After having a lovely meal with his new friends, Jenny invited Eugene to have some fun playing games with them, we often play at night with the little grandchildren’s toys when everyone is asleep. They don’t know that we come out to play at night, or that we can talk, but that’s ok as it is our secret.

Sometimes he just sunbathed on his hot stones in his house for a bit he loved being all snug and warm.


So every night the new friends played with Play doh, had races (which Eugene always won as the snails were so very slow ), did colouring, had picnics and sat round telling stories and generally having fun, then when they were all worn out they got back in their cages before John and Lesley woke up snuggled down and slept for most of the day on and off.






One day, Eugene got rather messy with his blueberries, so Lesley had to put him in his bath which he really enjoyed and he had quite a splash around practicing his swimming while getting clean again.

At the weekend something else happened that put a smile on  Eugene’s face, John and Lesley’s grandchildren Izzy and Joe arrived to stay for a few days so he had some children to play with during the day as well as the snails during the night (for the secret play time!!) He loved chasing them up and down the front room and they kept telling him how lovely he was (he liked that a lot !). At one point Joe said he was going to steal him and take him home with him, but John said the children at school would miss him too much.


ut all too soon Easter was over and it was time for Eugene to return to school and be back with the Children. Eugene thought that although it was fun having a holiday it was also very nice to be back home with all his school friends.



6R’s visit to Moon Lane Books

Dear Sir,

I wanted to write and commend you on the outstanding behaviour of your year 6 class when they visited Moon Lane Books for storytelling this morning.

 The children both listened and managed their own behaviour exceptionally well and were a credit to your calm, warm and highly engaged staff.

 I was also impressed by the children’s excellent manners and their ability to move around the shop and line up with respect for one another and their surroundings.

 It was a great pleasure to have members of your school visiting Moon Lane Books and we look forward to welcoming other classes.

 With many thanks and warmest wishes,

Tamara Macfarlane

 Co-founder, Moon Lane Books and Tales on Moon Lane

 Moon Lane Ink CIC

Tales on Moon Lane

The Children’s Bookshop


Moon Lane Books visits

For Reception to Year 6.

We aRE ARRANGING VISITS TO Moon Lane Ink Bookshop, 300 Stansted Road, Forest Hill.

tHESE VISITS WILL COMPRISE a 30 minute storytelling session at 11am. ON A Topic APPROPRIATE TO THE CLASS.


Date Class/Teacher Topic

14th Nov

Reception   – Ms Asamoah Festivals/Celebrations
15th Nov Reception – Ms George Festivals/Celebrations
28th Nov 4J – Miss Johnston World War 2
29th Nov Reception – Ms Mustafa Festivals/Celebrations
30th Nov 6R – Miss Rizou Victorians
4th Dec 3D – Ms Alavi Egyptians
5th Dec 4W – Ms Williams
6th Dec 5D – Miss Diaz Caribbean
7th Dec 5T – Ms Thomas Caribbean
11th Dec 2GH – Ms Herbert Old/New toys
12th Dec 4A – Ms Akhtar World War 2
13th Dec 2DA – Miss Dale Old/New toys
14th Dec 2D – Miss Dyga Old/New toys
15th Jan 2019 1M – Mr Monahan Houses & Homes
16th Jan 2019 1H – Mrs Hunter Houses & Homes
17th Jan 2019 3J – Mrs Jones Stone Age
18th Jan 2019 1W – Miss Wells Houses & Homes
23rd Jan 2019 4W – Ms Williams
24thJan 2019 3M – Ms Murrillo Stone Age


Kingswood Friday


 The final day and two more activities to complete.

All is quiet as we wake up the children. Last night was the disco and fun was had by all!

Aiden and Rahmel were showing off some cool moves.

Ms Wallace has arrived and she has been with my group. Yesterday they took the leap of faith and Eden and Checkwu were very brave always striving to do their best.

The children also took part in the climbing wall.

Disco photos and more will be posted on the blog by Monday once we have worked out how to remove them from the new camera.

After breakfast, we have high equilibrium and Laser quest before lunch and the bus ride home.

The school will contact you all when the bus leaves so that you can be ready when the bus arrives in Penerley Road.


The children are looking forward to seeing you all again…