At Rushey Green we teach the children about ‘Values’ Education

At Rushey Green we teach the children about ‘Values’ Education.  

This helps children learn how to behave and how to be respectful, honest, compassionate, caring and responsible citizens. Our ‘Value’ for the month of March is ‘Hope’.  Have a look at the work the children have produced to celebrate and understand what they think ‘Hope’ is. 

 In Reception we read the story of ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. It tells the story of a boy who finds a penguin. The boy attempts to return the penguin to the south pole.

After we read the story we talked about how the penguin felt ‘hopeless’ and how the boy gave him hope by helping him.

We asked the class whether they had ever felt hopeless and what gave them hope. 

“I felt hopeless when I lost my Aunty in Lewisham. I felt hopeful when a woman in the shop found me and we looked for my Aunty together” (Safa)

“I felt hopeless when I got in to trouble, when I told my mum I felt better” (Ilias)

“I felt sad because no one wanted to be my friend. I then asked Martin and he played with me” (Amarachi)

Our photos show a selection of poems from year 3 and a display using doves to express the thoughts about Hope in year 4.  In the Nursery, the children used finger prints to make the word ‘Hope’ while year 1 and year 2 have produced posters with 2C making the outline of the word ‘Hope’ with their bodies. 



Talent for Writing

Talent for Writing

Children from Year 2 entered work for The Young Writers’ My First Story competition. They were asked to write a story based on five story boards. They used their creativity and imagination. Some of their work has been selected for publication in a Young Writers’ Anthology.

To mark their achievement, they have also been awarded a certificate and a bookmark.

“ I now feel like I’m a real author” Thaasiv. (2P)

“ I’m so surprised that my work is going to be printed and that I’m a winner” Jemima. (2C)

“ I’m happy because my story is being published” Lamoi (2W)

“ I’m delighted that I can write so well” Brihanna. 2C