Year 6 Kingswood Trip: Monday

The children are settling in nicely. Last night, Teams 13 and 14 completed a tech challenge where they had to make a working wheelbarrow out of large Meccano. They were very creative, working well in small teams, and came up with some amazing ideas.

Meanwhile teams 15 and 16 were racing through the Rope Park on the zip wire. They were all keen and brave Рthey even got Ms Rizou and Ms Barber to have a go.  After an exciting day they settled well and got to bed about 10pm. 

Dinner went down a treat, especially the jam doughnuts, and there were lots of clean plates.

They have all slept well and got up at 7.30 to be ready for an 8.15 breakfast and a long day packed full of fun! More to follow tomorrow…