Year 6 Kingswood Trip:Tuesday


Another full day of fun packed with many hair-raising activities.

Leap of faith proved to be no obstacle for most children with Efosa managing to catch the trapeze first time.

Outdoor laser saw the groups split and working in teams to develop their communication and cooperation skills. After lunch some children worked collaboratively to make a buggy on which they were delighted to push and take rides across on the field.

All the children are eating well and there is ample food with plenty of seconds.

Power Fan was a hit! Climbing a 20m pole and jumping off. Sophia and Barbara were very brave leading the way for the others.

After dinner, the children were back in the Gym playing Mini Olympics until 9pm before a shower and bed.

We had a quiet night and woke them at 7.30am.

They will be given their letters today and an opportunity to reply…hopefully no tears!

That’s all for now. Next update tomorrow…