Yr6 Kingswood: Wednesday


The children are well in the swing of things now!

Shower, bed and lights out by 10pm and up at 7.30am.

We have had some great comments from our hosts about our children who have had a go at all the activities so far without any fear or complaints.

Today, two teams built shelters the woods. They were split into groups and communicated well while solving the problem of getting the shelter to stand up!

Then came the big 3G swing. All the children in my group made it to the highest point. There were a few shocked faces when they released the ripcord.

Nightline proved a hit and we ended up with a few muddy children as they navigated the obstacle course blindfolded but they persevered, working well as a team.

We say goodbye to Ms Barber this morning and Mr Rowbotham will be taking over.

Once again the children are eating well with plenty of seconds and all have slept well through the night.