Moon Lane Books visits

For Reception to Year 6.

We aRE ARRANGING VISITS TO Moon Lane Ink Bookshop, 300 Stansted Road, Forest Hill.

tHESE VISITS WILL COMPRISE a 30 minute storytelling session at 11am. ON A Topic APPROPRIATE TO THE CLASS.


Date Class/Teacher Topic

14th Nov

Reception   – Ms Asamoah Festivals/Celebrations
15th Nov Reception – Ms George Festivals/Celebrations
28th Nov 4J – Miss Johnston World War 2
29th Nov Reception – Ms Mustafa Festivals/Celebrations
30th Nov 6R – Miss Rizou Victorians
4th Dec 3D – Ms Alavi Egyptians
5th Dec 4W – Ms Williams
6th Dec 5D – Miss Diaz Caribbean
7th Dec 5T – Ms Thomas Caribbean
11th Dec 2GH – Ms Herbert Old/New toys
12th Dec 4A – Ms Akhtar World War 2
13th Dec 2DA – Miss Dale Old/New toys
14th Dec 2D – Miss Dyga Old/New toys
15th Jan 2019 1M – Mr Monahan Houses & Homes
16th Jan 2019 1H – Mrs Hunter Houses & Homes
17th Jan 2019 3J – Mrs Jones Stone Age
18th Jan 2019 1W – Miss Wells Houses & Homes
23rd Jan 2019 4W – Ms Williams
24thJan 2019 3M – Ms Murrillo Stone Age


Kingswood Friday


 The final day and two more activities to complete.

All is quiet as we wake up the children. Last night was the disco and fun was had by all!

Aiden and Rahmel were showing off some cool moves.

Ms Wallace has arrived and she has been with my group. Yesterday they took the leap of faith and Eden and Checkwu were very brave always striving to do their best.

The children also took part in the climbing wall.

Disco photos and more will be posted on the blog by Monday once we have worked out how to remove them from the new camera.

After breakfast, we have high equilibrium and Laser quest before lunch and the bus ride home.

The school will contact you all when the bus leaves so that you can be ready when the bus arrives in Penerley Road.


The children are looking forward to seeing you all again…

Kingswood Thursday



Yesterday was action packed. For some of us the day started with Archery. Jackson was a natural and hit the target with ease every time.

After that we made our way to the giant 3G swing. The children were a little apprehensive to start but then took it in their stride, developing their teamwork so that everybody got a turn.

Destiny was the greatest screamer on this activity and was proud of herself for taking the risk.

Jacob’s ladder was next and Keira shot up as high as she could helping Debbie along the way. They have no fear!

Mr Macho and I also had a go on this…we did not do too badly with the support of the children.

After a hearty lunch, we did some environmental art. Check out the photos they are very impressive.

Later on, we had the assault course where the children had to use their initiative as well as strength to get around it as a team. All the children helped each other well and we all got drenched as the heavens opened.

After dinner, we had a quiet night and the children played with their gifts from the shop.

One more night to go…


I will update you tomorrow morning and give you an estimated arrival time once we leave Kingswood.

Kingswood – Wednesday



6.30am and all is quiet. The children are settling into the routine and are realising that staying up late is not a good idea…

Yesterday was fun packed starting with problem solving activities and then moving into night line, where the children have to guide each other blindfold through an assault course. This brought out the communicators in the team and everyone completed the activity even though they got muddy.

I am very proud of all the children who completed the zip wire, especially Angel, who was a little apprehensive but made it in the end.

The abseiling was fantastic and the children had no fear even when racing Mr Long to the bottom.

All the children are eating and sleeping well and are getting along in their teams.

Ms Wallace arrives today so they will be excited and they are looking forward to Archery, Leap of faith (which Ms Jones spectacularly completed with her team yesterday) and the campfire amongst others.


Let’s hope the rain eases.


More photos have been added and there are more to come.

More news tomorrow…


Kingswood Tuesday


We all arrived safely yesterday and all the children are settled in their rooms. Last night, three groups took part in a Team Tech challenge where the children had to make robots which had three key functions. This proved popular and brought out the leaders and ideas people within the teams. Ms Jones’s group braved the 3G swing in the dark. We were not sure if the screams were from the children or the seagulls; however, the group came back with beaming smiles.

After a hearty lasagna meal, we then ventured off to the scrap heap challenge. Here the children made innovative costumes for their own Superhero made from recycled materials. There were some interesting designs on the catwalk.

The children had a quiet nights sleep and are refreshed ready for the new day.

Breakfast now and then off to Aeroball and Problem solving.

Further updates to follow…