Kingswood – Wednesday



6.30am and all is quiet. The children are settling into the routine and are realising that staying up late is not a good idea…

Yesterday was fun packed starting with problem solving activities and then moving into night line, where the children have to guide each other blindfold through an assault course. This brought out the communicators in the team and everyone completed the activity even though they got muddy.

I am very proud of all the children who completed the zip wire, especially Angel, who was a little apprehensive but made it in the end.

The abseiling was fantastic and the children had no fear even when racing Mr Long to the bottom.

All the children are eating and sleeping well and are getting along in their teams.

Ms Wallace arrives today so they will be excited and they are looking forward to Archery, Leap of faith (which Ms Jones spectacularly completed with her team yesterday) and the campfire amongst others.


Let’s hope the rain eases.


More photos have been added and there are more to come.

More news tomorrow…