Kingswood Thursday



Yesterday was action packed. For some of us the day started with Archery. Jackson was a natural and hit the target with ease every time.

After that we made our way to the giant 3G swing. The children were a little apprehensive to start but then took it in their stride, developing their teamwork so that everybody got a turn.

Destiny was the greatest screamer on this activity and was proud of herself for taking the risk.

Jacob’s ladder was next and Keira shot up as high as she could helping Debbie along the way. They have no fear!

Mr Macho and I also had a go on this…we did not do too badly with the support of the children.

After a hearty lunch, we did some environmental art. Check out the photos they are very impressive.

Later on, we had the assault course where the children had to use their initiative as well as strength to get around it as a team. All the children helped each other well and we all got drenched as the heavens opened.

After dinner, we had a quiet night and the children played with their gifts from the shop.

One more night to go…


I will update you tomorrow morning and give you an estimated arrival time once we leave Kingswood.