Talent for Writing

Talent for Writing

Children from Year 2 entered work for The Young Writers’ My First Story competition. They were asked to write a story based on five story boards. They used their creativity and imagination. Some of their work has been selected for publication in a Young Writers’ Anthology.

To mark their achievement, they have also been awarded a certificate and a bookmark.

“ I now feel like I’m a real author” Thaasiv. (2P)

“ I’m so surprised that my work is going to be printed and that I’m a winner” Jemima. (2C)

“ I’m happy because my story is being published” Lamoi (2W)

“ I’m delighted that I can write so well” Brihanna. 2C


Readathon – Reading Challenge!

“Inspiring children to read is one of the greatest gifts you can give them”.

We had a fantastic week at Rushey Green exploring comics, newspapers, recipes, poetry, electronic books and just listening to stories.

To complete our reading challenge parents from Nursery to Year two attended our Parent Read Along Club, where they joined in the fun of reading.

A big THANK YOU to those parents and babies who attend our First Read Along Parent Club!