Year 3 Fossil Detectives!

Budding paleontologists in Year 3 have been exploring a variety of fossils in Science this term as part of their topic “If Stones could Talk”.  They have been developing their observation skills while researching the different creatures, including Ammonites and Trilobites, which have been hiding in the layers of rock beneath our feet for millions of years. In addition, the children have been creating their own fossil creatures and each of them have some amazing stories behind them.

To created the fossil the children mixed together coffee, flour, and salt. Then they kneaded the dough together and flattened it out onto waxed paper.  Afterwards, they cut out circles of the dough into which they made imprints of their “fossil” objects.

Take a look at our photos.


Year 6 Dragon’s Den

Year 6 had a competition to make the most effective light circuit to create lighting decorations for Christmas. The winning group 6T used circuit with varying lengths and resistance to create this effective Christmas tree light decoration. Well done year 6.