Yr6 Kingswood: Wednesday


The children are well in the swing of things now!

Shower, bed and lights out by 10pm and up at 7.30am.

We have had some great comments from our hosts about our children who have had a go at all the activities so far without any fear or complaints.

Today, two teams built shelters the woods. They were split into groups and communicated well while solving the problem of getting the shelter to stand up!

Then came the big 3G swing. All the children in my group made it to the highest point. There were a few shocked faces when they released the ripcord.

Nightline proved a hit and we ended up with a few muddy children as they navigated the obstacle course blindfolded but they persevered, working well as a team.

We say goodbye to Ms Barber this morning and Mr Rowbotham will be taking over.

Once again the children are eating well with plenty of seconds and all have slept well through the night.


Year 6 Kingswood Trip:Tuesday


Another full day of fun packed with many hair-raising activities.

Leap of faith proved to be no obstacle for most children with Efosa managing to catch the trapeze first time.

Outdoor laser saw the groups split and working in teams to develop their communication and cooperation skills. After lunch some children worked collaboratively to make a buggy on which they were delighted to push and take rides across on the field.

All the children are eating well and there is ample food with plenty of seconds.

Power Fan was a hit! Climbing a 20m pole and jumping off. Sophia and Barbara were very brave leading the way for the others.

After dinner, the children were back in the Gym playing Mini Olympics until 9pm before a shower and bed.

We had a quiet night and woke them at 7.30am.

They will be given their letters today and an opportunity to reply…hopefully no tears!

That’s all for now. Next update tomorrow…

Year 6 Kingswood Trip: Monday

The children are settling in nicely. Last night, Teams 13 and 14 completed a tech challenge where they had to make a working wheelbarrow out of large Meccano. They were very creative, working well in small teams, and came up with some amazing ideas.

Meanwhile teams 15 and 16 were racing through the Rope Park on the zip wire. They were all keen and brave – they even got Ms Rizou and Ms Barber to have a go.  After an exciting day they settled well and got to bed about 10pm. 

Dinner went down a treat, especially the jam doughnuts, and there were lots of clean plates.

They have all slept well and got up at 7.30 to be ready for an 8.15 breakfast and a long day packed full of fun! More to follow tomorrow…

School Fund

In these times of austerity, we want to continue to provide the best resources for the children. However government and local authority cuts mean we can no longer afford to purchase, maintain and replace some of the quality learning resources that support our children. Currently, we have a number of IT resources in urgent need of renewal and updating; we are unable to continue to meet these costs. Our school budget does, of course, pay for the school and our teachers but it is the extra equipment and facilities which we have been able to offer in the past which are now under threat.

It is for this reason I am writing to ask you for your help in order to sustain some of our most prized resources. We are asking each family to make an annual payment of £40.00 towards school fund in September at the beginning of the academic year. All children will benefit from resources purchased and at the end of the school year the school will report on how the money is spent via the website and Rushey Greenpaper. This contribution is entirely voluntary but we hope you will feel able to support us in this way.

NED show update

The NED show was a great success and the children are persevering with their new Craze of the Week!

Follow the links in our website page ” CURRICULUM/PSHCE ” to download the NED Show Yo Yo Factsheets. These have information about the different yo yos which may help you, and information about NED’s Six Trix which the children are encouraged to learn.

Never give up

Encourage others and

Do your best


The NED Show

The NED show is here for KS1 and 2 children as part of their PSHCE education: Never give up; Encourage others and Do your best.

  • Children will be able to watch the experts perform magic and tricks with yo yos.
  • Children will have the opportunity to buy Yo Yos and other gadgets after school at 3.15pm from 29 Jun to 5 July.
  • Children will develop their use of values such as perseverance, confidence, kindness and encouragement by engaging with these activities.
  • Parents please refer to the letter on the back of the 23rd. and 30th. June newsletters.

Follow the links in our website page ” CURRICULUM/PSHCE ” to download the NED Show Yo Yo Factsheets.

The link below will take you to the NED website:

http://www.thenedshow.com/yoyochannel.html  This link has videos showing you how to perform tricks with yo yos.