School Community Events

Parents music assembly 11th July

Parents/Carers were invited to hear our talented musicians on the 11th July. Click here for more photos .

Summer Fair

-Click here for more photos of our Summer Fair

-Click here for even more photos of our Summer Fair

-Click here for even more photos of our Summer Fair

Sports Day

Click here for more photos of our annual Sports Day

Museum of London permanent memorial to the Unknown Soldier

Sixty Rushey Green children have sent letters to The Museum of London’s permanent memorial to the Unknown Soldier, as part of our WW1 lessons. This is a national archive at the following link. Once you have this page,copies of our letters can be viewed by selecting:

  • search for specific letters
  • typing “Rushey Green school” in the Organisation box.

Coffee mornings for parents/carers

Coffee mornings are hosted fortnightly by Mrs.Badar, Deputy Headteacher. Parents/carers are more than welcome to drop in for a coffee/tea and biscuits and a chat about anything that may concern them, or if they want to find out about any school events and ways they can support their child.

Future dates are shown in the calendar on our Home Page.

Red Nose Day . ………………………………………………….Red Nose day

On Friday 13th March, students and staff joined together in an effort to raise money for Red Nose Day 2015. There were lots of fun activities throughout the day, including a beauty salon for staff run by Demi Tsavalos, Felisha Taylor, Tameka Nathan and Ruby Stuart-Turner in 5SK, raising an incredible £49.00.

We are really excited to announce that we have raised a grand total of £1048.16!, and, the best bit is the UK Government will match all money raised by UK schools to help 300,000 children in Africa into school and education.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and did ‘something funny for money!’

An extra special thank you to the following children who raised extra money for being sponsored:

  • Niamh Leeburn 4D – Gave up her Ipad for a week 38.00
  • Nathan Duffus 4D – Gave up his Xbox for a week 14.00
  • Omar Sow 3T – Gave up sweets and chocolate for a week 11.00
  • Isaiah French-Spencer 2CR – Swapped all his game consoles for a book 180.00
  • Brihanna Reid R3 – made a beautiful picture 14.00
  • Nivethan Paripooranam 2CL – Got dressed all by himself 10.00
  • Tallulah Greene N2 – Walked to school for a week 10.00
  • Jesse Greene R3 – Gave up his Ipad for a week 32.00
  • Trudy Egboh R3 – Went to bed one hour earlier everyday for a week 8.00
  • Declan Bird 5SH – Gave up his Xbox and Ipad for a week 26.50
  • Heather Ann Meilleur – Made tea for her mum everyday 20.00
  • Lamoi Golding R1 – Read a different book a day for a week 36.00
  • Kwesi Chong 2CR – Went to bed 1 hour earlier everyday for a week 35.00
  • Chantel Efe 1J – No fussing for a whole week 35.00
  • Kimani Chong 2S – Went to bed early for a week 35.00
  • Nefertiti Dindjeck N2 – 5.00
  • Ash Martin 1D – Woke up early for a week 27.60
  • Chloe Reardon 2CR – Read for 30 minutes each day for a week 56.00
  • Nzubechi Okoroafo R3 – Playing nicely 9.50
  • Zaina Matin 1J - Did her own hair for a week. 10.00
  • Kimani Chong 2S – Went to bed earlier for a week 35.00
  • Umar Jalloh 2S – Went to bed earlier every day for a week 108.00

Fiver Challenge

Chief Cashier of the Bank of England Victoria Cleland with Rushey Green Primary School studentsFiver challenge

A group of pupils from Rushey Green Primary School took over the Bank of England to launch Young Enterprise’s Fiver Challenge, supported by Virgin Money. The pupils, aged between eight and 11, put on their best suits and went to work, inspecting the Bank’s new five pound notes and learning about banknotes from the Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland.

Supported by Virgin Money, the Fiver Challenge is a free, fun and engaging initiative that provides 5-11 year olds with a £5 pledge for one month. Pupils are challenged to set up mini businesses to create products or services they can then sell or deliver, while developing key skills such as teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Pupils can then decide what to do with any profits they make- they can choose to spend it on school or class resources, a trip, or donate it to charity.

The Challenge month will run for the month of June. Registration at gives access to online resources for teachers and pupils, activities, curriculum support, case studies, ideas and inspiration.

Victoria Cleland, Chief Cashier, Bank of England said: “The Fiver Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for children, from a young age, to be involved in enterprise, teamwork and also to understand the importance of money.”

Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise said: “The Fiver Challenge engages with children in the crucial years when financial behaviours are so often formed. It is a fun and motivating activity that encourages primary school-age children to start thinking about the value of money, spending and enterprise. In the practice of setting up mini-companies, the children learn the skills and business know-how that will equip them better for the future.”

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Money said: “Virgin Money proudly sponsor the Fiver Challenge, a scheme which encourages entrepreneurship from a young age and gets children excited about business. Making financial decisions and taking responsibility for their enterprises teaches the children how to work well in a team and arms them with the ability to problem solve.” boe2 boe3boe4boe5boe6boe7