Staffing Structure

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Who's who    
Headteacher Mrs. L. Williams School Leadership, 
Deputy Headteacher Mr. M. Grocock Safeguarding lead
Interim Deputy Headteacher Ms. L. Bogle  
Assistant Headteachers Mrs. C. Gordon  
SENCo Ms. A. Hughes Special Educational Needs, 
Interim Assistant Headteacher Ms. R. Hussain  
Teachers and Teaching Assistants See the staffing structure  
ICT Mrs. A. Douglas Computer training
Catering Mrs. A. Koraltay School meals
Facilities Management Mr. T. Gibbs Premises, maintenance, cleaning, Health & Safety
Office Manager Mrs. N. Pegus General enquiries, admissions, attendance, DBS
Business Manager Mr. M. Diaz Finance, & H.R.
Mid Day Supervision Mrs. C. Alliband Supervision of pupils during lunch time
Breakfast/After School Care Club Ms. M. Eccleston & Ms. C. Benn Supervision of pupils during am & pm care clubs