16 October 2019

Kingswood residential day 2:

The children had a good sleep and were up bright and early for breakfast. A choice of sausages, eggs, beans with lots of toast and cereal gave them the energy for crate stack. In this activity, the teams worked together to support their team member in climbing on top of the highest crate stack. Some children climbed very high and the teamwork was great!

Following crate stack, the children investigated Bottle Rockets which flew high across Hendon Square narrowly missing some local seagulls.

After a substantial lunch, the children took part in Nightline where they trusted their team to help them through an obstacle course blindfolded. They had lots of fun and got extremely muddy in the process.

Following an early shower they took part in Archery and the children displayed great precision and skill.

Dinner was American themed and afterwards the children went abseiling in the dark. Many children faced their phobias and we were proud of them all reaching personal goals and conquering their fears.

All fast asleep now awaiting the next days adventure...