17 October 2019

Kingswood residential day 3:


After a full English breakfast, the children made their way down to the Aerial Runway to take part in the zip wire. Everyone was brave and had a go, even the teachers!

Following this, the children took part in High Equilibrium which entails them climbing up a large pole and balancing on a see saw. We had many brave children, especially the girls who got to the top quickly, helping and encouraging others on the way. The children were very proud of their achievements.

After lunch, the children learned how to make a fire in bushcraft before playing Aeroball which is like trampolining basketball.

By now some of the children (and adults) were flagging but they persevered. Dinner included a Birthday cake for the birthday boy, Zaccai and then we were off again to the 3G swing. Most children went to the highest points and there were lots of screams for 9.30pm.

Back in for a shower, packed for tomorrow and bed. The children quickly went off to sleep.