Rushey Green Centre for the Deaf

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The Rushey Green Centre for the Deaf is a Resource Base Provision for children who are Deaf within Rushey Green Primary School. We have children across the Early Years and Primary age- range. We work alongside Class Teachers to ensure quality inclusion and access to the curriculum.  We provide specialist individual support and planned interventions as appropriate.  We facilitate pupil’s progress across all areas of learning and in line with their planned education and health outcomes.

We provide ongoing management of audiological equipment, to ensure that Deaf pupils can benefit from the best technology to ensure their optimum access to sound and speech from their teachers and peers. The Centre has two Teachers of the Deaf, 3 Teaching Assistants and a local Specialist Speech and Language Therapist visits Rushey Green one day a week to support the Deaf pupils and provide both advice and direct therapy for language and communication development.

Centre for the Deaf Team

Christian Keeley

Teacher of the Deaf

Having previously taught in mainstream and Deaf settings in Lambeth, Haringey and Camden, I am combining these experiences in my role at Rushey Green through supporting teachers to plan, teach and assess children from the Centre who are fully included in their mainstream classes. I am a BSL user and am passionate about creating high expectations for Deaf learners, ensuring that they overcome societal barriers to achieve their highest potential.