Rushey Green Centre for the Deaf

At Rushey Green we have a Specialist Resource Base Provision for children who are d/Deaf. Using specialist strategies, these children are able to fully access the mainstream curriculum. We use a variety of approaches unique to Hearing Impaired provision within Lewisham to bridge the attainment gap so common in d/Deaf children due to language delay; two of these are listed below.



Visual Phonics by Hand


In the Early Years Foundation Stage we use Visual Phonics by Hand to teach Phonics and aid early reading.


It uses a visual “cue” to demonstrate letter sounds. Each sound has a visual cue which is signed near the face; it  is linked to the BSL alphabet and where the sound is processed physiologically. This supports the development of literacy skills and lip-reading awareness.










Shape Coding


Beginning in Key Stage One and through into Key Stage Two, we use Shape Coding to teach English. This is a strategy that was developed by Speech and Language Therapists to develop grammatical understanding.


The system uses a visual coding system to show the rules for how words are put together in sentences, to develop the child’s understanding and use of grammar, so that they can communicate more effectively.


The system includes use of shapes (syntactic structures), colours (parts of speech) and arrows (tense and aspect). It aims to be able to represent most aspects of English grammar and thus is flexible enough to be used from the very early word combinations to complex structures.


Shape Coding

Centre for the Deaf Team

Christian Keeley

Teacher of the Deaf

Having previously taught in mainstream and Deaf settings in Lambeth, Haringey and Camden, I am combining these experiences in my role at Rushey Green through supporting teachers to plan, teach and assess children from the Centre who are fully included in their mainstream classes. I am a BSL user and am passionate about creating high expectations for Deaf learners, ensuring that they overcome societal barriers to achieve their highest potential.