Rushey Green Centre for the Deaf

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The Centre for the Deaf is an oral setting for those pupils who are able to utilise their residual hearing, supported by appropriate amplification, to develop the understanding and use of spoken language. Our pupils have access to regular specialist speech and language therapy to develop spoken language and communication skills. Our aim is to offer our pupils full access to the National Curriculum whilst catering for their individual needs. All our pupils with hearing impairment follow a curriculum, which is delivered both in the Centre and in the mainstream.

Lessons in the mainstream are supported by Centre staff working in partnership with mainstream staff to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that matches the individual needs of our pupils. Some of our pupils follow the full curriculum in the mainstream class with support, whilst other pupils follow a differentiated curriculum with delivery and assessment in the Centre. We base our support on an in-depth understanding and assessment of each pupil’s needs and abilities that are then used to devise a personalised and well-resourced programme of work.

Our pupils in the Centre for the Deaf make outstanding progress between their starting points on entry to the Centre and on leaving us. Pupils leave the Centre as confident and articulate communicators, able to express their needs and views in preparation for secondary school.