School Council

Rushey Green School has a school council and each November, classes from Reception to Year 6 vote for a class representative to attend the meetings for that academic year. The classes alternate between choosing a girl or a boy. The Council then meets on a Friday, usually once every two or three weeks, but sometimes more if there are key issues to discuss.

The Council regularly discusses school dinners, the playground, behaviour, after school clubs, class trips and the Every Child Matters agenda. We had many discussions about the new building and extension. There is an annual discussion where classes talk about bullying and are given the opportunity to name children they feel are bullies. Other topics are discussed as and when they arise. Children are given the opportunity to contribute to school policies such as the Behaviour Policy. For example, they discuss and agree on the School Rules. Children are asked and allowed to make suggestions for subjects to discuss.

Staff follow up the discussions. Each class has a file with a record of discussions going back several years. Children can read the folder at Reading Time. The School Council’s work was described as ‘outstanding’ in the last two Ofsted inspections.