How does Rushey Green Practice Diversity?



The International School Award rewards schools that have shown a commitment

to embedding international awareness and understanding within their class or school. 

The British Council encourages this by supporting schools in completing collaborative,

curriculum-based work with a number of international partner schools, involvement of the wider community.

The International School Award is available in 16 countries

and is well-regarded by school inspection bodies and ministries of education globally.

Our students gain:

  • an increased knowledge, awareness and tolerance about other countries, cultures and languages,
  • confidence in communicating with people from different backgrounds,
  • more skills to successfully live and work in a global and mobile society,
  • literacy skills when writing stories and letters for specifics audiences
  • students begin to develop confidence with their foreign language skills.



''Participation, Empowerment and Action''


Becoming a Rights Respecting School is about more than achieving specific criteria.

It is about embedding a child rights approach into all aspects of school life.

There are two conditions that we believe underpin RRSA success:

  • Having the commitment needed to become a Rights Respecting School
  • The resources in place to support this commitment
We are extremely pleased to announce that our school has been awarded
the Silver Rights Respecting School Award by UNICEF UK.


The Award recognises achievement in putting
the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
at the heart of a school’s planning, policies and practice.
A Rights Respecting School is a community
where children’s rights are learned, taught, practiced,
respected, protected and promoted. 


We believe in the importance of putting children’s rights
at the heart of a school.
As a school, we are proud to have achieved Silver and the positive
impact teaching rights has had on our pupils and the school as a whole.
Thank you to all our children and staff for their hard work and thank you to the community  for your continued support.