Meet our staff

Senior Leadership Team                 



Lisa Williams

Deputy Headteacher

Nerissa Fisher

Assistant Headteacher/KS1

Maria Pavlou

Assistant Headteacher/KS2

Loxane Wallace

School Business Manager

Marina Kilcoyne


Inclusion Team



Annisha Thomas

Pastoral Manager/DSL       


Learning Mentor

Miss Lena 

Nursery Teacher 

Dionne Phillips

Nursery Nurse

Charlotte Huxley

Nursery Nurse

Katie Broomfield

Reception teacher R1 (Somalia)

Jules Davis

Reception teacher R2 (Ghana)

Irene Monterdez

Reception teacher R3 (Nigeria)

Lily Bearfoot

Year 1 teacher (Poland)

Elisha Yansen

Year 1 teacher (Jamaica)

Maria Pavlou

Year 1 teacher (Turkey)

Beth Craig

Year 2 teacher (China)

Abigail McKenzie

Year 2 teacher (Greece)

Pamela Williams 

Year 2 teacher (England)

Nadia Zorut

Year 3 teacher (Brazil)

Anneli Walters

Year 3 teacher (Mexico)

Mary West

Year 4 teacher (India)

Claudine Campbell

Year 4 teacher (Pakistan)

Jack Warner

Year 4 teacher (Sri Lanka)

Charlotte Hutchinson
Year 5 teacher (Canada)

Balquees Akhtar

Year 5 teacher (Cuba)

Eucratia Thomas

Year 6 teacher (USA)

Alice Blackshaw

Year 6 teacher (Spain)

Antonia Sullivan

BEAM Teacher

Caron Williams

BEAM Teacher

Alexa Jones

MFL Teacher

Marta Artacho

Music Teacher

Louise Ravayeh

Sports coach George Marsdon



Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Aysegul Barber

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Rifat Mehmood

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Julie Couchman

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Sandra Amory

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant


Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Buckiesha Johnson

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Annastassia Gordon

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Jacqueline Fennell

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant

Stephanie Stockwell

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant   

Merita Kurtaj

Teaching and Learning Support Assistant  Angela Rodriguez



SEN Teaching Assistant

Lydia Asraf  

SEN Teaching Assistant

Lynnette Simpson

SEN Teaching Assistant

Monique Braham

SEN Teaching Assistant/MMS

Jaydah Henriques

SEN Teaching Assistant/MMS

Christalla Gavrielides

SEN Teaching Assistant/MMS

Julian Macho

Admin Team


Office Manager

Ama Singh

Admin Officer         

Havva Evren

Admin Officer


Camille Johnson


ICT Technician

Addis Douglas



Support Staff

Midday Assistants


Colleen Nicely


Clare Allen


Jennifer Drummond


Jade Purton


Cynthia Orija


Naide Boyd


Rosaline Fofornah


Maxcine Brown


Narges Yazdani


Susan Kang



Premises Team


Premises Manager

Trevor Gibbs

Premises Assistant

Mark Fletcher


Guido Guallichico


Rosaline Fofornah



Catering Team

Head Chef

Luke Kemsley

Sous Chef

Seral Duggan

Kitchen Assistant

Teresa Tarallo

Kitchen Assistant

Stacy Ann White

Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner     

Lavern Campbell

Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner

Marcia Hussey


The Governing Body

School governors have a responsibility for supporting their schools, while also holding them to account. At Rushey Green, Governors are actively involved in all aspects of school life and contribute time and energy to ensure the school continually improves. Governors share the school’s aims and values, and are keen to enhance the environment, provide the right resources and to see that every child receives the best possible education.

The purpose of the Governing Body is to help the school to provide the best possible education for its pupils. They work closely with the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team to set the school’s strategic aims and policies and actively work to monitor, support and improve the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils. The role of the Governing Body is one of strategic oversight; governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school. That is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

Our Governors represent our wider school community: elected parent and staff governors, one Local Authority nominee and co-opted members from the wider community. They have a mix of skills, experiences and backgrounds to help provide the best possible support to the School.

The full Governing Body meets formally twice a term. Sub-committees also meet once or twice a term to focus on particular areas in more detail. The two main sub-committees are: Resources, Pay, Learning and Achievement, and Behaviour and Inclusion. Other committees, panels and project teams meet when needed. It's also important for Governors to see the school in action, and they make regular visits to classrooms, to speak with teachers and to join in school events and celebrations. Governors take very seriously the role they play and the contribution they can make. Governors are expected to sign up to a code of practice agreeing to act with honesty and integrity, to keep up to date with training and to respect confidentiality at all times.

You can contact the Governors by emailing 


A Governing Body’s responsibilities cover three key areas:

1.To provide a strategic view

  • focus on the future.

  • set appropriate objectives.

  • develop a strategic framework and policies to achieve these objectives.

2.To be a ‘critical friend’

  • offer support and constructive advice.

  • be a sounding board for ideas.

  • ask challenging questions when necessary.

3.To ensure accountability of the school.

  • ensuring that the school delivers good quality education.

  • monitoring the school’s overall performance.

  • ensuring the school complies with its statutory and legal responsibilities.




Membership – New Instrument 10 July 2019 (Co-opted 8, Parents x 4, LA x 1, Staff x 1, Head x1) Total 15



End of Term

Lisa Williams




Daisy Hooper 


Co - Chair of Governors

Parent Governor


Rachel Hope RH

Co - Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Arlanda Pali AP Parent Governor 02.10.2026

Neha Kapoor


Staff Governor 


Lilian Brooks (Vice Chair)


Co-opted Governor


Christine Kiwanuka


Co-opted Governor


Edison Huynh


Co-opted Governor 


Charles Pickstone 


Co-opted Governor

14.03 2023

Brenda Montague


Co-opted Governor


Nadia Glasspool


Co-opted Governor


Oliver Payne OP Co-opted Governor 19.10.2026

Nariell Morrison


LA Governor



Equality  monitoring





















20-30 YRS













Ms. Daisy Hooper (Co. Chair)



Ms. Rachel Hope (Co. Chair)

As a proud Lewisham resident, I joined Rushey Green's governing body to support my local community and this school. I am a senior civil servant and spent nearly four years at the Department for Education before being seconded to the NHS vaccinations team. I joined Rushey Green's governing body in 2021 and am passionate about helping children to catch-up following the pandemic and ensuring all children can fulfil their potential. Alongside being the co-chair of the governing body, I sit on the Learning & Achievement Committee and I am the link governor for communications and technology. I always value feedback from parents so please feel free to get in touch with me.


Ms. Lilian Brooks (Vice Chair)

I â€‹have been a parent governor for almost 4 years. It is a role I wanted to take on and find out more about how my sons school functioned, and to be a proactive parent voice working alongside the teaching team for the benefit of the school community. It has been a role that I have valued as it has enabled me to be an effective parent representative, but also empathetic to the challenges faced by schools. Over the past four years I’ve seen many positive changes but as a critical friend I have been able to challenge the areas that need improvement. In the past year I have taken on the role as Vice Chair and the Link Governor for Safeguarding, working closely with the senior Leadership team. I am a mother of two wonderful children and a full time carer to my eldest child, but enjoy using my professional skills and commitment to the local community in my role as Governor.


Ms. Nadia Glasspool

I joined the governing body in 2019. I sit on the Learning & Achievement Committee and am the pupil premium link governor. As a co-opted governor, I don’t have work or family links to the school but have lived in the borough for the past 10 years and was looking for a way to use my professional skills to serve the local community. Away from Rushey Green, I’m a lawyer at the Bank of England, the UK’s central bank. Before that, I worked at a City law firm after graduating from Oxford University. I enjoy reading, yoga, painting and running.


Canon. Charles Pickstone

I joined the governing body of Rushey Green after a spell as a governor at the then Northbrook (now Trinity) in Lee. As the school’s nearest neighbour, I’ve always been pleased to represent the views of the local community, and where appropriate, as a priest well rooted in the area (I am Vicar of St Laurence Church, next door) to build up links between the school and local faith groups. I currently chair the Learning and Achievement Committee, which I much enjoy as it gives me and the other committee members a chance to develop a real knowledge of the life of the school through learning walks and talking to teachers.


Mr Edison Huynh

I joined the governing body in 2020 and sit on the Learning & Achievement Committee. As I co-opted governor, I wanted to contribute to the community that I grew up in and have lived in Lewisham for most of my life. I currently work in education research after teaching in Downham as a science teacher. I have done classroom-based research in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and China and hope to bring diverse perspectives and transferable lessons to serve the community of Rushey Green. I enjoy racquet sports, learning languages, gaming, travel, and 20th century history.




Ms. Christine Kiwanuka


Ms. Brenda Montague



Governing Body Minutes 20/21

Governing Body Minutes 19/20

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