The Rushey Green Vision

Our vision is for our school to be a centre of excellence, where all children develop the skills to become fully participating citizens and able thinkers, instilled with a lifelong love for learning, prepared for tomorrow’s world.

We aim to work in partnership with parents to provide an education of the highest quality, which celebrates everyone’s success in a happy, caring, creative environment where all our differences are valued.

We will do this by helping pupils develop:

For themselves

  • a sense of their own worth, self confidence, self respect and self reliance
  • a sense of responsibility for thoughts and actions leading to self control
  • an enthusiasm for work so that each has high expectations and gives of his/her best
  • an inquiring mind, to question and debate rationally
  • skills and practical abilities for our changing world in work and play
  • an aesthetic appreciation of the world
  • a lively imagination
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • a sense of physical well being

Towards others

  • a reasoned respect and tolerance of other people’s values and beliefs
  • an appreciation of the aspirations and achievements of others
  • a sensitivity for the feelings of others
  • the ability to work co-operatively
  • a respect and responsibility for their environment and an awareness of the fragility of all environments