Junior Headteacher
Leader of school development committee


Junior Deputy Headteacher
Sustainable development curriculum lead


Pupil Voice Committee Leader

This committee is all about you being the voice for the pupils in our school and gives you the job of improving the school and how to help other students in their learning and get their opinions heard. It’s a great opportunity to help others and if you think you’re good at recognising what pupils need help in and good at talking to visitors that come to our school.


Safety and Wellbeing committee leader

This committee is all about keeping everybody safe and our well-being within the school and making sure we are happy. They also make sure the equipment we use in our break time and lunch are safe for us to use. They also want to make sure children in our school know who to talk to if they feel worried.


Quality of Education committee leader

This committee is all about how we can improve our lessons in school. You can take opinions from other kids in our school and see what they think and you can bring them to the meeting. Maybe you get distracted in lessons or don’t understand it then you can join this committee and make changes that will help all of us.