Nursery Newsletter

The Nursery Unit

We offer 100 places comprising a wide range of specifically planned activities to encourage enjoyment and learning with our expertly trained staff.

The nursery offers free places for 2.5 days per week at the start or end of the week for all 3-4 year olds. Free places for 5 days per week are available for parents who qualify under the Government’s Free Childcare rules (follow this link for more information).

Comments about the Early Years provision from our last OFSTED report:

  • Children are given ample opportunities to take part in meaningful play with a good degree of challenge.
  • Routines are well established, even at this early stage of the term. Children are looked after well, being safe and secure.
  • Classes are well resourced with good opportunities to extend learning to the excellent and well-designed outdoor spaces
  • The accommodation is airy and bright. Indoor areas are clean and fresh, with clearly marked labels to help children find and put away equipment independently.
  • Adults work hard to include all, including those with little English. They develop children’s language skills effectively. Children enjoy singing nursery rhymes and re-telling stories.

Nursery Hours

Nursery 1 – Monday and Tuesday 9.00AM to 3.15PM and Wednesday Morning 9.00AM to 11.30AM

Nursery 2 – Wednesday Afternoon 12.45PM to 3.15PM and Thursday and Friday 9.00AM to 3.15PM

We do appreciate your efforts in ensuring that children are brought and collected on time. When you arrive, please help your child to find his or her name and then hand them over directly to a member of staff. Please make sure that your child is never just left at the door or in the coat area. If someone other than a parent or guardian is bringing or collecting your child, they must be over 14 years of age and a member of staff will need to be informed in advance by telephone, verbally or in writing so they can be allocated a password.

Settling Into the Nursery

Whatever pre-nursery experience your child has already had, Rushey Green Nursery is a new environment for them to adjust to. At first, we may ask you or a familiar adult to stay until your child has settled. Because each child is an individual we are very flexible in our arrangements for settling children into nursery. Working together with you, we will suggest the most helpful arrangements for your child.

Parental Involvement

We welcome parents into the nursery to help with activities and events. In this way, we hope to develop good relationships between home and school so that together we can provide a secure and stimulating environment for all our children. Staff are always available to talk with you at the beginning and the end of the session, and we will regularly find opportunities to talk with you about how your child is settling and progressing.

Keeping Track of Children’s Progress

We assess each child’s progress through talking with parents and observing the children as they work and play. This information feeds into our future planning and into the report which we write at the end of your child’s time in the nursery. It is you who knows your child best, so do make sure you tell us about any of those significant milestones you may have noticed in your child’s development at home.