Welcome to our Year 3 class page.

Ms Williams

LKS2 Phase Lead/Brazil Class Teacher

Ms West

Mexico Class Teacher

Ms Conti

Australia Class Teacher

Year 3 Newsletter

Year 3 is led by Ms Williams, from Brazil class, who is an absolute foodie. Her team consists of the artistic Mrs West from Mexico class who loves making displays and the book lover; Miss Okudu, from Australia class, who enjoys a book or ten.

In our year group we are supported by the fantastic Ms Ecclestone, Miss Spencer and Mr Gideon.

In Year 3, we embrace learning. Children learn about Ancient Egypt, the Rainforest in Brazil; the delicious food and exciting culture of Mexico and surfing the waves in Australia. In Science, we start off with scary skeletons and how ‘dem bones’ protect and support us.
Maths is one of our favourite subjects and we always learn best when it is hands-on, whether that be with counters or with pictures. We are all very competitive with our times tables and we love nothing more than seeing how fast and how accurate we can be on Times Table Rockstars.

Our teachers are obsessed with reading and writing. Ms Williams loves a more romantic novel while Mrs West can’t get enough of her scary tales. We enjoy discussing books in our Destination Reader lessons and using features from the text to support our own writing.

Here, at Rushey Green, we love to visit places: We hope to resume educational visits when it is safe and have fun learning about Ancient Egypt at The Horniman Museum where we get to handle real life artefacts. We also visit the Science Museum in order to provide a more hands on experience with the Science.

At school, we enjoy being active and exercising and we take part in a range of sporting activities. We enjoy learning team sports and using our ball skills. From this year, Year 3 will have swimming for the whole year which is really exciting. We continue to learn how and why exercise and healthy eating helps us lead better lives.

We are a busy year group and love learning about Spanish and Music which are taught by specialist teachers in school. Every term we will have a variety of project work which will test your creativity and knowledge of the topics we have done in class.

Thank you for taking an interest in our year group. If you have any questions about anything you have read, please click the contact us link.

Have a great day!

Year 3 Learning