Welcome to our Year 5 class page.

Ms Kozan

Trinidad, Tobago & Guyana Class Teacher

Ms Campbell

Jamaica Class Teacher

Mr Hall

Cuba Class Teacher

Year 5 Newsletter

Welcome to Year 5. The year 5 teachers this academic year are: Ms Kozan, Ms Campbell and Mrs Nageh.

The classes in our year group are called: Trinidad, Tobago and Guyana, Cuba and Jamaica.

Ms Kozan is from Turkey, Ms Campbell is from Jamaica and Mrs Nageh is from the United Kingdom. Mr Macho and Ms Henry will be supporting children with their learning during lessons.

We encourage children to think critically and understand the importance of analysing information and having independent thought. One of our favourite activities is debating and discussing current affairs. The children also develop their mathematical skills and practise problem solving.  We love hands-on learning in Year 5. Ms Kozan is passionate about art and being creative. Ms Nageh is a keen historian whose interest inspires the children’s thirst for knowledge. Ms Campbell is an excellent writer and loves nothing more than introducing children to new words and books.

At Rushey Green, we love to visit places and have a greater understanding of our place and impact on the planet. This academic year, we are placing a great emphasis on diversity and inclusion and will be looking closely at how the Windrush generation impacted our borough.

We are excited to welcome you to our creative and stimulating learning environment where we will be having lots of fun and engaging lessons.

To constantly challenge the pupils, homework will be set every Friday and is expected to be returned to school on Tuesday.

We enjoy being active and exercising and we take part in a range of sporting activities. Some of us have the opportunity to represent our class or school in competitions within the school and outside.

Year 5 will be a challenging but rewarding year for the pupils. As Year 5 teachers, we have high expectations for all pupils and we will support them in any way to help them achieve their full potential. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our year group. If you have any questions about anything you have read, please click the contact us link.

Have a great day!

Year 5 Team.

Year 5 Learning