Welcome to our Year 6 class page.

Ms Rullo

Spain Class Teacher

Ms Spring

Canada Class Teacher

Ms Kapoor

USA Class Teacher

Year 6 Newsletter


The classes in our year group are called: USA, Greece and Spain Class.

Our teachers are Ms Rullo, Ms Spring and Ms Kapoor. Supported by our wonderful TAs, Ms Barber, Ms Asraf, Ms Macho, Ms Chung and Ms Simpson. 

All of the staff love creative writing and all of the staff enjoy supporting children to improve in this area. Children in year 6 have the opportunity to write at length all of the time. We read some really engaging core texts like War Horse, Wonder, The Other Side of Truth and Running on Empty. We read and explore these in-depth giving children the chance to scrutinise the text and use their imagination. 

In Maths, we have fun working with different types of numbers. The children enjoy learning how to use BIDMAS and Algebra to solve problems. We explore patterns in Maths and conduct investigations in and around the school grounds. 

We love teaching Science- learning about Electricity, Evolution and Inheritance. This gives children the opportunity to look at the characteristics humans and animals have inherited from their parents. 

Year 6 is hard work but our curriculum is balanced and we learn many different skills. All of the staff are budding artists and extremely creative. We are proud of the team’s drawing skills and they certainly don’t mind getting their hands dirty, whether it’s clay modelling, using modroc to make abstract sculptures or visiting the school grounds or local area to collect resources for environmental art. You will thoroughly be immersed in creativity.

In year 6 we are consolidating our learning as we are beginning to get ready to move on to the next phase in our education. To make sure we are ready, homework is set every Thursday and is returned to school on Monday.

Thank you for taking and interest in our year group. If you have any questions about anything you have read, please contact the team by clicking on the contact us link.

Have a great day!