Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

PSHE Newsletter Autumn 2

Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education

The aims of PSHCE are:

  • To establish an ethos where pupils respect adults, care for themselves and one another.
  • To develop a sense of self-esteem within each child so that they have an understanding of their role, rights and responsibilities in school and society and a real concern for others.
  • For our children to take responsibility for their actions and to realise that what they do have consequences for themselves and for others.
  • To form the effective, fulfilling relationships that are an essential part of life and learning.
  • To help children to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active, responsible citizens.
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at school and in society. (This is often undertaken in assembly)
  • To prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


We aim to promote our children’s self esteem by:

  • Giving them an appropriate amount of responsibility, and trusting them to carry out given tasks, make decisions of their own and move towards independence in all they do
  • Valuing their work and showing its importance by display, marking and opportunities to share their achievements with others.
  • Establishing incentives for good work (e.g. headteacher’s certificates, Good Work assemblies)
  • Providing role models as staff in our own attitude to manners, standards of appearance and reactions to situations.
  • Always providing a fair hearing when dealing with children’s problems and encouraging them towards a sympathetic, resourceful approach in their relationships with others.


Our society shares key values. We aim to give our children an awareness of these key values by:

  • Providing a framework for children’s behaviour.
  • Providing and promoting an environment in which the children can feel secure in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Encouraging co-operation, respect for self and others and promoting good manners.
  • Instilling social skills in all areas of the children’s school life (i.e. playground, dining room, classroom and on outside visits)
  • Differentiating ‘good’ from ‘bad’ and upholding the values of obedience, honesty, trust, truth, conscience and responsibility


We support our children’s health and moral development through:

  • Acknowledging and discussing pertinent issues as they arise (as well as through planned classroom lessons)
  • Looking after living things and being aware of their needs
  • Building an awareness of children’s individual beliefs and acknowledging their spiritual background
  • Delivering Sex and Relationships education (see SRE policy)

The NED Show

The NED show was commissioned for KS1 and 2 children as part of their PSHCE education:

-Never give up; Encourage others and Do your best.

  • Children watch the experts perform magic and tricks with yo yos.
  • Children have the opportunity to buy Yo Yos and other gadgets after school.
  • Children develop their use of values such as perseverance, confidence, kindness and encouragement by engaging with these activities.
  • The following link will take you to the NED website:[].
  • Download the following Factsheets for information about the different yo yos which may help you, and information about NED’s Six Trix which the children are encouraged to learn.


Citizens UK

Some of our Year 6 children recently attended two events and we are all proud of their great speeches and the way they represented our school and community to celebrate and promote diversity in London.

Citizens UK Tea Party at the Civic Suite Lewisham on 21st September. @citizensUK .

Faith & Community Assembly on Saturday 2nd October 2016. @SouthwarkCofE #journeyingalongside .

Equal Opportunities

This school believes that the personal, social and health and citizenship education of our pupils is the responsibility of all Parents, schools and the wider community share this responsibility for the social and moral development of the young.

Teachers aim to:

  • ensure equal access to all regardless of ability, sex, religion, disability or race.
  • provide an environment in which all pupils feel free to express their opinions, whilst respecting others’ views This type of education must be available to everyone. Further information can be found in the school’s equal opportunities policy.


yr5 psche

A group of Yr 5 children had tea and cakes with the Residents at Alexander Care Home in Brockley where they delivered a speech to Lewisham Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, explaining why caring for the elderly is important. Please see the article in the Newshopper and the South London Press.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development