School Fund

The staff and governors at Rushey Green are fully committed to offering the very best education to ensure all our children reach their potential by the time they leave us for Secondary School. Our key stage 2 results last summer were especially pleasing and encouraging and clearly show what we have all been able to achieve.

To help us achieve this level of pupil attainment and progress we provide the finest resourcing available to us. We were one of the first schools in Lewisham to equip every classroom with an interactive whiteboard and employ a full-time Teaching Assistant for each class. These are some of the ways in which we have enhanced our children’s learning experience, supported all the different needs in our school and ensured a broad and balanced curriculum.

In these times of austerity, we want to continue to provide the best resources for the children. However government and local authority cuts mean we can no longer afford to purchase, maintain and replace some of the quality learning resources that support our children. Currently, we have a number of IT resources in urgent need of renewal and updating; we are unable to continue to meet these costs. Our school budget does, of course, pay for the school and our teachers but it is the extra equipment and facilities which we have been able to offer in the past which are now under threat.

It is for this reason we ask you for your help in order to sustain some of our most prized resources. We are asking each family to make an annual payment of £40.00 towards school fund in September at the beginning of the academic year. All children will benefit from resources purchased and at the end of the school year the school will report on how the money is spent via the website and Rushey Greenpaper. This contribution is entirely voluntary but we hope you will feel able to support us in this way.

We hope you will see this as a worthy investment in your child’s education and understand this request is as a result of wider issues over which we have no control. We ask that you pay the full amount, or if it is more convenient you may pay incrementally over the year, through ParentPay. Thank you in advance for your generosity, in the hope that we can continue to educate the children to their highest potential.